saint paul brewing entrance

Our Story

Saint Paul Brewing is proud to be one of Minnesota’s original craft breweries.

We are situated on the grounds of the historic Hamm’s Brewery on the Near East Side of the city. 

Our story began when Flat Earth Brewing was founded in 2007, and after renovating several buildings in the original Hamm’s Brewing complex, we moved our operations to the East-side of Saint Paul in 2014. Five years later, Flat Earth rebranded as Saint Paul Brewing in 2019. Next, we added our unique and spacious patio, sited in the adjacent  ruins of the former Hamm’s stables. 

We’re delighted to be a place for people to gather together both indoors and outside. We love our city and we love beer, so our name sums it up concisely!  We feel fortunate to be writing the next chapters in the wonderful story of this iconic destination.